Smack Down Corrections

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Smack Down Corrections

Post by jackie lewis on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:29 pm

Been on the Phone with a lot of People and some are still unclear on this weekend because of one reason or another. Friday night there will be 2 rounds of qualifying following that will be the Gamblers Race for all in Super Steet that want to get in. I will also be giving $1000 to the Fastest Super Street car for qualifying. This $1000 will be for qualifying it has nothing to do with the Gamblers Race. I would love to see everybody out there on Friday Night but if something comes up and you can't make it you will still get your 2 qualifying passes it's just the others will have two on you. Something else that I have read and heard about I will not run you guys when there is dew on the track this is for your safty if we can get more rounds in on saturday we will. We will be running Jr's on Saturday. With that being said For you Drag Racers if you don't understand somthing please call me 870-904-5952 Thanks jackie
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