2012 Super Street Rules

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2012 Super Street Rules

Post by paulpattonproductions on Mon Nov 14, 2011 7:39 pm

Super Street: (Same as Ducks rules for most part)
Any Chassis Permitted
29.5" X 10.5" tire or 315 drag radial tire permitted
Wheelie bars permitted
NO pecker extenders
Any Automatic transmission
Add 50 LBS. for clutch
SB N/A No weight
BB N/A 2,300 LBS
SB NOS 2,400 LBS
BB NOS 2,700 LBS 4.840" Engines
BB NOS 2,800 LBS 5.0"
BB NOS 2,900 LBS OVER 5.0"
SB Single Turbo 2,900 LBS.
SB Twin Turbo 3,000 LBS.
SB Pro Charger 2,900 LBS.
BB Pro Charger 3,050 LBS.
BB Single Turbo 3,100 LBS.
BB Twin Turbo 3,200 LBS.
BB Twin Pro Charger 3,150 LBS.
Roots Blower 3,150 LBS.
Roots Screw 3,250 LBS.

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